Tips to transform the mood of your space

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Feeling indifferent or dull at the space you spend most of your time? Here is how you can change the mood of the space.

Space you often spend most of your time or a space which creates your impression to the world should be established well, the atmosphere should be energetic and exciting for yourself and in case of a workspace or place where you serve others like a restaurant or store it should be for creating a good mood for the visitors and customers. In the overwrought world we live today it is essential for a space to allow you to recharge your mood.

Every space is a white box in the start, the sense of mood a place creates is the foremost notion that is being formed about that particular place.

Therefore, the ambient mood at the particular space is the most important concern of people. Start with simple and minimal changes that can bring out big results. In order to create a positive ambient, the following five simple points are the key:

The psychology of color

Colour is more than what we usually think, color has a psychological impact on the minds it affects the emotions and communicates about your personality. Though the reactions to each shade are subjective, but in general there are basic responses to certain colors.

  • Shades of red

Brings excitement, evokes strong emotions, encouraging the appetite and very intensive shade to use in the spaces where you need the draw attention show emotions encourage the audience.

  • Shades of blue

Represents calmness, and peace, the shades of blue are soft towards the eyes of the viewer and therefore gives the feeling of relaxation, therefore it can be used in spaces like an office where one need to showcase reliability and where the mood is stress to relax the mood this color can be used.

  • Shades of yellow

Shades of Yellow are happy colors, yellow is used mostly to make the space overwhelming to the eyes. Therefore, using yellow in places where the attention is to be grabbed the most. The color helps to brighten up the space and the mood and therefore is most often used when there is no window wall to brighten up the space.

  • Shades of green

Green reminds us of life and is associated with nature, therefore, makes the eyes feel fresh. Green is an inviting color as well as creates a calm atmosphere therefore it perfectly suits hushed den spaces or spaces where there is a lot of stress, working environment and requires concentration and calmness.

  • Shades of black

Shades of black are the colors that represent bold nature, powerful and strong impact using shades of black like grey will match the other colors of the area and give a formal subtle look. The shades of black and grey are used most of the time to showcase sophistication. Interior designers have said shades of black are best suited for the home office.

Use of lighting

The lighting of each space varies according to the features of the space and for what purpose the space is being used. Lighting is different in the spaces where there is more engagement where people stay for long hours the space has to be lively therefore it needs more ceiling lights bright lights, but the lights where people usually go for relaxing calming the mind mild lights are required. Therefore, each space has its own requirements and according to that, the lights are to be fixed. To add a beautiful touch in a bedroom a fairy light does the work with just simple steps, if you want mild lights just add the fairy light of single color on the accent wall corners make it a frame and it will give a different look to the room. If the person has jazzy colors wishes to give the room a funky look use of LED lights line on the ceiling or on the corners of the floor with colors like red, blue, green, bright jazzy colors. Decorate the balcony as well with the fairy golden lights for the balcony to look extravagant in the night. If you don’t have a false ceiling in your living room but bored of bright lights all the time want a change in the lighting according to the mood put glass bottles on the corner tables if the space is small one bottle will do but if it is little spacious two or more bottles with fairy lights of yellow or golden color in the bottle and the space your requirements are fulfilled. Adding fairy lights in creative and easily available ways to add up to the ambiance of the space in a small budget but the satisfactory result, these are few simple ways you can change the mood by adding a few lights around.

Adding plants

To boost the mood and get the people in the space more productive adding of indoor plants will do that. Plants will not just satisfy your purpose of décor but it will also have health benefits. Decorating the space with green indoor plants not just adds the lifestyle factor but purifies the air of the space. Hanging plants on the windows, placing them on the desk or corner tables, for bigger plants corners of the rooms between the sofas, on the center table a small plant. This will improve and boost mental health, helps you grow, promote faster healing, and enhance therapeutic care.


Small spaces need the most of the organization. Though you have minimal things but organizing them will change the way the space looks. The creative organization of little things matters a lot in answering how the space looks. You are a book addict but no shelf to arrange the books make piles of the different genre of books and arrange it on the corner put a small pot, mug, any small accessory to give a decorative touch if you have enough space spread a mat around along with a few pillows and name the corner as reading space. Arrangement of the table organizes the table that will attract you towards it put things which will draw your attention so that will help you sit for long hours on the desk be it for studying or working. For example, sticking memories of the best days on the wall, keeping the table/desk spacious and less the clutter more motivated the mind will be to sit and work there, if you are a reader keep a few books around to catch up when need a break. Put up your missions and goals listing it on a note for the week. Organizing the small things around will bring big results of change.

Add accessories

Adding accessories doesn’t always mean buying expensive home décor things to enhance the space. Small DIYs with the things you have giving it a good combination will give a beautiful outcome. For example you an empty wall behind the bed to décor you need just three simple things wool strings, any dried stem of the plant, get the best of three or four pictures printed in a Polaroid format, and hang it on the back of the wall. The wall next to the study desk is empty want something which is engaging as well as adds up to the space décor, buy a half sheet of thermacol put a sheet of the chart on it, and start pinning the things you want to on it. These are a few simple ways for the room to décor with a minimal accessory which will enhance the room. Use the little things available with you like old wine bottles or glass bottles grow money plant in it and place it in the tables or windows or any areas you think need an accessory to decorate.

Adding these five points will give your space a change in the positive frame of mind

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