How to get the right wall pattern?

Breaking the pattern of continuity where there are same plain walls throughout the area, adding a wall pattern can bring a change in the eyes of the viewer. To change the look of the space and make small spaces look like more spacious painting wall patterns is a good idea.

How to go about while selecting the wall patterns:

Step 1 to see that the wall you prefer to get the wall pattern is an accent wall or a wall which is center of attraction

Step 2 select the color which goes along with the shades of the other walls or which matches and makes a great duo.

Step 3 Analyse the nature and purpose the space will be used for and also match your style, taste, and preferences to it while selecting the wall patterns.

The first step when selecting an accent wall, choose a wall that is on the focal point, it does not always have to be the wall that is in the center, it is up to you to select the wall for patterns where you want to draw the viewers’ attention. The accent wall will define the color scheme of the rest of the space. Therefore, the shades and patterns on the accent wall should be connecting to the rest of the area. While opting for designing the walls, the plain walls without doors or windows so that the patterns do not breaks down, in a situation where you have a long room with two sides long and two small, avoid selecting the long walls as an accent wall. Patterns on the small-wall will change the view of the long room.

While selecting the color combination for an accent wall do consider that the shade is keeping the other walls neutral and also at the same time highlighting the accent wall. The contrast of the bright accent wall against the white walls can also look simple yet elegant. It is essential to keep the balance of the accent wall color and the other walls complementary yet highlighting the accent wall at the same time. A lighter shade of the rest of the wall colors is the right choice when the accent wall is designed with a dark color to keep the room shade neutral. Choose the other accessories of the room that complements the color scheme and not the same shade or coordinating everything in the room. Always chooses the colors that contrast with the dominant color in the room. For instance, if you have blue as your accent wall color, therefore, do not select blue for curtains and furniture that will not highlight anything in the room but rather neutralize everything and mix it that will give your space a flat look.

Painting patterns on the wall are not anything new from times when the kings had palaces till now though the style and presentation are modified still wall pattern is trendy. To select the wall pattern for the accent wall first thing to keep in mind is the purpose of the space because if the wall pattern is not according to its utilization, it will give a different definition to the viewer. For instance, if the area designed for software company office use and wall pattern is a vintage design that is cultural and an ethnic pattern. It is a terrible choice which will spoil the ambiance of the space and make a mess of interior. Therefore the wall-patterns should define the characteristics and mood of the space. Firstly, specify the use of the space for office, home, educational institution, home office, drawing area and so on and then break that into further categories for instance office what kind of office what is the nature of the work what type of work and it will give out other variations to it. For instance, the office operated by a software company characteristics of the office will be formal as well as simple yet elegant. On the contrary, the office of a fashion designer who designs ethnic wear will have patterns that are Indian and historical as well as defines culture as the designer designs ethnic wear and, therefore, a wall pattern that will match the purpose will bring out the best result.

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