DIY wall pattern painting

You think that your wall that surrounds you is not interesting, it’s just plain and boring. Want to experiment with your interior design of the room, you desire to change the design and fill in the fresh look? Which is within your budget? Why not try wall Art? Yes, painting wall patterns yourself. When you hear painting on the wall yourself, you might be thinking what if I just spoil the whole thing, right?

Do not worry about painting yourself, this DIY will be super easy and exciting to paint the wall pattern yourself.

DIY wall patterns include

• Triangle pattern

• Polka dot pattern

• Diamonds

Things you need to paint the Triangle wall pattern

• Cardboard ( can take the notebook softcover)

• Paintbrush

• Acrylic paints (two bottles for one color and you can take a combination of two colors as well)

• Transparent tape

• Paper cutter/scissors

• Pencil

• Scale

Step 1

Take the cardboard, draw a triangle in the center of the piece of cardboard of 3 inches.

Step 2

Cut just the triangle part with the paper cutter/scissors to get the stencil ready

Step 3

Apply transparent tape considering that both the sides of the stencil triangle are covered with tape to avoid spilling or spreading of color out of the triangle shape

Step 4

Place the stencil on the wall tightly hold it with the opposite hand you paint. Now move the brush from the cardboard towards the wall so that the paint does not spread out of the stencil.

Step 5

Remove the stencil carefully as the paint will be wet and it might get smudge.

Things to consider while doing the DIY

Start the painting from any of the sides of the wall and not the center of the wall to keep the distance and consistency

Make sure the triangles have one palm of minimum distance from one another

If you are using a combination of two colors, make sure to use one dark and one light shade

And also remember to use the two colors in a pattern so that it does not look like a cluster of any single color on any sides. (Which is, if you have done two black, then you should use two yellow to balance the black in that area)

Do not paint the triangles of the same angles, let them be random and haphazard

Clean the stencil if the paint is spilled to avoid smudge

The triangles that are randomly painted in this pattern represent flow, fun, bringing in fresh energy, and also meets the need for bringing something interesting to the boring interiors of the room.

For the other two patterns, the steps you have to follow and consider are the same except the part where you draw a triangle on the center of the cardboard for a polka dot pattern draw a circle of radius and for diamond draw the side of 4 inches*from center (side 2 inches). Other steps are to be followed in the same way as mentioned for the Triangle pattern. Also, consider for a diamond pattern don't go for random placement place them in a line and zig-zag pattern with each facing on the same angle to make it look uniform.

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