About Us

Deewaar Art is a  venture for wall art, started by two best friends Namrata Kadecha and Rishika Patel with the skills and vision which the two have in common, and transformed their artistry into something which will add fun to the walls and make a pale boring wall a prime focus of the space, and changing the lives by adding colors to the walls. 
Deewaar Art intent to focus on the tailored choices of the clients and painting walls in a way that embraces the space. We believe in maintaining a transparent relation with the client and therefore are open to all the opinions from the client's side. The two backbones of the venture with the positive mindset Namrata and Rishika strongly believes in following their passion and not only painting their own dreams as reality but also of their clients.


"Just the way the duo of paint and brush we as a duo from the childhood days till now have blended adequately. When the two of us grind our minds together the upshot is far-fetched just the way the duo of paint and brush does to the walls with the tinch of our efforts."