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Wall patterns

Patterns on walls is minimal but elegant. Keeps the home décor simple yet beautiful. Wall patterns blend with the space and give an extraordinary look to the room. Wall patterns for all types of spaces be it home, workspace, or restaurant/pub. Patterns vary according to the needs of the space scattered pattern, cluster, geometric pattern or murals, Deewaar art design’s for you.

Custom Walls

The nature of humans varies so does their choices and preferences, Deewaar art design’s customized walls, wall art according to the choice, taste, and preference of the customers. Customization of emotions into designs is what we serve to our customers.


Mandala wall art

In Asian cultures this art represents spirituality, mandala art is the visual representation of the universe. The mandalas around you helps you in meditation and therefore mandalas on walls will keep the minds calm and bring joy and happiness around.


Doodling design is a simple drawing with concrete representation. The doodles we design are customized according to the nature of the space or the person the space is being designed for. Doodling is an illustrative representation of reality.


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